Emma's New Bar

Our new bar, lounge bar (Mike's, named after our former bursar) and basement event space are at last completed and being used by the Emma community

This process began with the demolition of the old College bar in South Court. You can view footage of the demolition and updates on the building work via our New Buildings page.

To commemorate the institution that was the old Emma bar, we compiled a photo mosaic, featuring photos submitted by our members of their time spent there. The completed mosaic is now available to view via our Submissions page. You may be prompted to log-in to see the mosaic page.

Progress on the new bar

Above: Groundwork on the new site

Glulam timber beams in place

Glulam Timber

Throughout Fiona's we've used Glulam timber. Glulam is an abbreviation of 'glue-laminated timber'. This means it is made with multiple layers of solid wood lumber bonded together with high-strength adhesive to form a single structural unit

Douglas Fir timber sections in storage prior to fabrication

New College bar truss in place

Photo of new college bar and basement event space

Completed new College bar with furniture installed; basement event space with rooflight