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Stephen impressed me with a mature sense of decency,
which I found quite heartwarming

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Examples of research by Students

Thumbnail for Sandy – India, Sri Lanka & Transnational Politics

Sandy – India, Sri Lanka & Transnational Politics

Having completed my undergraduate degree in geography at Emmanuel in 2016, I am extraordinarily grateful to have been awarded a full postgraduate studentship, through the College’s research studentship fund and the incredible generosity of two Emma members. This has enabled me to follow up a long-standing interest in the Indian sub-continent through an MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies.

Thumbnail for Ekaterina – The Choreography of DNA Repair

Ekaterina – The Choreography of DNA Repair

I began my PhD in pharmacology at Cambridge in 2015, upon completion of my degree in pharmacy at the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich. This opportunity would have not been possible without generous help from the Late 80s Fund and two other members of Emmanuel.

Thumbnail for Christine - Climate change & health in Nepal

Christine - Climate change & health in Nepal

My interests in food and agriculture, rural livelihoods in Asia, and economic development combine into the question: how does climate change affect the long-term livelihoods of poor residents in the rural uplands of Nepal?

Thumbnail for Elizabeth - 'Tinkering' in Primary Schools

Elizabeth - 'Tinkering' in Primary Schools

With undergraduate degrees in both theatre and biology, and over ten years’ experience as a primary school teacher in the US, I moved to London in 2013 and began running science workshops for primary school pupils. Through this work and the questions it prompted me to ask, I got in touch with Dr Winterbottom, who introduced me to ‘tinkering’, and who is now my supervisor on this unexpected and exciting journey of a PhD.

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