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Thumbnail for Jake – Studying at Harvard

Jake – Studying at Harvard

Keen to explore in more depth the ways in which planning practices and policies are shaped by their political and economic contexts, I applied for the Herchel Smith scholarship, which would enable me to study for a year as a Special Student at Harvard University.

Thumbnail for Jake, Andra, Phoebe, Apurva & James – Hosting Harvard Students

Jake, Andra, Phoebe, Apurva & James – Hosting Harvard Students

Each summer for a number of years the College has been host to a few students from Harvard, who are taking the opportunity to spend several weeks working with academics in Cambridge, as part of the PRISE programme.

Thumbnail for Matthew – Science in the Arctic

Matthew – Science in the Arctic

When I was 19 years old, during a year out between school and university, I took part in a nine-week Arctic expedition to Svalbard. I am still teased relentlessly by friends for talking about nothing else, which in many ways is completely fair: it was a very formative experience for me.

Thumbnail for Pete – Representing Mumbai's slums

Pete – Representing Mumbai's slums

The accepted tourist practice of the ‘sight-seeing tour’ has been extended to Mumbai’s largest slum, Dharavi, which now plays host to ‘slum tours’ designed to give small groups of international tourists a two-hour guided walking tour of the work places, schools and streets that are home to nearly one million people.

Thumbnail for Aron – Theatres & Libraries

Aron – Theatres & Libraries

I studied English as an undergraduate at Emma and was able to return this year to pursue an MPhil in film and screen studies thanks to the generosity of donors to the Late 80s Fund and other Emma members. It’s been the most productive and rewarding period I can remember.

Thumbnail for Molly – Cutting-edge Medicine at GOSH & MCH

Molly – Cutting-edge Medicine at GOSH & MCH

Before their final year of study, and with the help of funds from Emmanuel, medical students complete a seven-week elective placement. As someone with a keen interest in paediatrics, I chose to split my time between Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London and the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne.

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