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Stephen impressed me with a mature sense of decency,
which I found quite heartwarming

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Support with Internships

Thumbnail for Rob – Summer Internship

Rob – Summer Internship

The Hockley and Late Eighties Funds enabled Rob to spend the summer of 2014 at the University of Auckland working on a music publishing project, as he described in the Emmanuel Review for 2015:

Thumbnail for Charlotte - Summer Internship

Charlotte - Summer Internship

The College is keen to help students gain work experience during vacations and is grateful to donors who make this possible.

Thumbnail for Rowena - Summer Internship

Rowena - Summer Internship

The Freddie Odgers Fund provides 'Public Interest Bursaries' to help law students go on unpaid internships. Rowena writes about her plans to go on a work placement with the Neighborhood Defender Service (NDS) of Harlem.

Thumbnail for Abhishek - Summer Internship

Abhishek - Summer Internship

The College is keen to help Junior Members find employment when they graduate and we are grateful to Members who arrange for their companies to provide paid internships. Abhishek talks about his work at Prudential.

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