Supporting Us

Sir Walter Mildmay founded the College on the basis of promoting learning. He started the tradition of fundraising for Emmanuel, which has continued ever since.

Group of students discussing topics, alongside the Senior Tutor

We are grateful to the many members and friends who support us, both financially, and in many other ways. Each year, around 25% of those we ask to support us make a gift, and this figure rises to nearly 70% in our regular telephone campaigns. We are very proud that this is one of the strongest levels of support among Cambridge colleges.

Funds are under increasing pressure from cuts in Government grants to universities, and rising tuition fees for students. Emmanuel subsidises the education of each student by about £4000/year. This is equal to about 1/4 of our total endowment income. Sadly, it is likely that this subsidy will increase in future.

The College is resolved that we remain a place of excellent education, learning and research. We aim to maintain and develop the College for current and future generations, irrespective of political pressures:

  • to ensure that no undergraduate is prevented from coming to and remaining at Emmanuel for financial reasons
  • to encourage a diverse group of applications from a wide variety of backgrounds
  • to increase funding for postgraduates, as up to 1/2 of these have to turn down offers of places
  • to continue to provide excellent individual teaching and support via our one–to–one 'supervisions'
  • to encourage and develop our research output
  • to maintain and enhance the College’s historic buildings and beautiful grounds for all to enjoy, now and in the future

Message from the Master

Over the generations the strength and generosity of our community’s members and friends has enabled a community of academic excellence that we are rightly proud of. In my tenure as Master it has been humbling to see the level of altruism and kindness to the next generation. Looking forward I do hope that you will play a part in ensuring that future members will continue to flourish and prosper in this very special place.

Thank you most warmly,

Doug Chalmers CB DSO OBE, Master