Image of Mr Andrew Fane

Mr Andrew Fane (1968)


Mr David Lowen (1964)

Honorary Vice-President

Lord Wilson of Dinton (2002)

Honorary Vice-President

Dame Fiona Reynolds (2012)

Honorary Vice President

Image of Mr Nick Allen

Mr Nick Allen (1990)


Image of Mr Ken Sheringham

Mr Ken Sheringham (1966)


Mr Rodney Jagelman (1969)


Miss Jessica Reilly (2011)

Committee Member

Mr Harry Hickmore (2011)

Committee Member

Miss Shelly-Ann Meade (2002)

Committee Member

Image of Mr Luke Montague

Mr Luke Montague (2008)

Committee Member

Image of Mr Jugdip Parmar

Mr Jugdip Parmar (1986)

Committee Member

Image of Dr Gin Warren

Dr Gin Warren (1978)

Committee Member

Mr Richard Webber (1978)

Committee Member

Image of Mr Kavish Shah

Mr Kavish Shah (2014)

Committee Member

Image of Miss Jessica Cherry

Miss Jessica Cherry (2008)

Committee Member

Image of Doug Chalmers

Doug Chalmers (2021)


Professor Susan Rankin (1981)


Image of Dr Robert Henderson

Dr Robert Henderson (1993)

Senior Tutor

Image of Dr Sarah Bendall

Dr Sarah Bendall (1984)

Development Director

Miss Nina Brookes ((2020))

Events & Communications Manager

Aadi Sharma (2017)

MCR President

Amal Abdirahman (2021)

ECSU Education Officer

Corin Staves (2021)

MCR Education Officer