Pastoral Support

Many different types of support are available throughout students' time studying in Cambridge. The majority of direct support is provided through Colleges and is explained here.


Each student is assigned a Tutor, a Fellow of the College with particular responsibility for the welfare, well-being and general progress of individual students, year-on-year. Tutors are not specialists in the student’s own subject and will not normally direct studies or supervise the students to whom they are Tutor (this is designed to avoid any conflict of interest). Students meet their Tutor at the beginning and the end of each term and at other appropriate times, to talk through general progress; in addition, Tutors are freely available to students throughout their time at the College.

Most Tutors’ principal appointment is in the University, rather than the College, so they may not be available in College all the time. However, Tutors can be contacted easily by email during normal hours. The more social contact you have with your Tutor the more likely he or she is to be able to help you in a crisis, so try to establish a good, friendly relationship with him or her. Financial problems, serious problems connected with your course, and personal problems affecting your work and welfare are among the matters about which you may wish to consult him/her in confidence.

The Tutors work closely with the student representatives (ECSU Welfare, Women’s and Academic Affairs Officers) to provide a very effective support network for those experiencing problems.

Tutorial Office (ground floor, B Staircase)

The staff in the Tutorial Office led by the College Registrar, Dr Anna Osipova (, deal with a multiplicity of matters, including those relating to examination entries, matriculation, graduation, student records, and student finance. As well as being very knowledgeable, they are friendly and sympathetic and can be reached when the Tutors are busy with their University jobs. Please feel free to treat them as a first port of call (ground floor, B staircase or if you need advice or have a problem of any sort.


The Porters' Lodge is staffed 24 hours every day and is responsible for the safety and security of the College. If you require help then you are likely to find it here. The Porters have the contact numbers and availability details of Tutors, the College Nurse and College Counsellor is available to current students.

College Dean

The Dean, who also officiates over the College Chapel, is available to provide support to all Junior members, irrespective of their faith.

College Counsellor

Richard Geddis is the College Counsellor and has worked across the University for many years after training within the NHS. He is able to offer a secure, private relationship to explore any difficulties you may be experiencing along with identifying the best options for moving forward.

The Counselling rooms are in Chapman's Gardens building. He is available in College during full term on Mondays and Thursdays with more limited availability across the week. Please email Richard to agree on an appointment time:

The University also runs a Counselling Service for students.

The Advisor to Women Students

The Advisor to Women students is Dr Devon Curtis. Like Tutors, she has drop-in times each week during term. Other times are possible if the drop-in time is not convenient. Please email Dr Curtis to arrange:

The Advisor to BAME Students

The Advisor to Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic students is Dr Pallavi Singh. Students with general or specific concerns relating to race and minority ethnic backgrounds can email her on:

Peer Support: College Parents and Subject Parents

College Parents are current Emmanuel students in their 3rd year who introduce new students (Freshers) to life at Emma and the University. They contact new students shortly after A level or equivalent exam results are known in the summer (when they can answer any queries the new Freshers might have about starting at Emma) and are there to meet Freshers when they arrive. They show Freshers what’s what during the first week and help with any questions or problems they may have throughout the year.

As well as College Parents all Freshers at Emma are assigned ‘Subject Parents’ who are in the second year and studying the same course as them. They are there to give Freshers advice and to tell you what to expect with regards to academic work. Freshers meet them during Freshers’ Week and, besides giving good practical advice, they can answer any questions or queries and dispel any false myths and rumours.

Both the undergraduate and postgraduate student committees (JCR and MCR) also have an elected member who is responsible for student welfare.