Financial Support

The Colleges of the University of Cambridge are committed to the principle that no student should be deterred from studying for a degree at the University of Cambridge by financial considerations.

There are many sources of support available, ranging from loans from the Student Loans Company, private bank loans and overdrafts, and bursaries administered by the Government to bursaries offered by the University and Colleges. Information on financial support available from the University is available on the University website in the following places:

College Support

Besides the core support available to students, described above, various funds are available from the College to aid students in their studies and in the case of hardship.

Hardship and Welfare

Any student in hardship can apply, through their Tutor throughout the year, for financial assistance. There is no restriction on subject and because hardship can arise unexpectedly and for various reasons, each case is looked at on its own merits. Similarly, the level of support offered will depend upon circumstances, but decisions can usually be made quickly.

Funding for Academic Activities

Funds are available at the discretion of the Master and Tutors Committee to support (though not necessarily fully fund) students in activities related to their courses of study.

There are special arrangements for grants to support students preparing for their final year dissertations and also for students who are undertaking Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP) Courses .

Various funds are available to support students during University vacations in academic activities related to their courses of studies. These include for example, help for language and library study and for vacation placements in laboratories or in industry.

University Funds for Current Students

The best collated source of funding opportunities for Cambridge University students can be found at