Academic Support

All students are allocated a subject-specific Director of Studies (DoS), often an Emmanuel Fellow, to support and oversee their academic progress & development over the degree course.

Director(s) of Studies provide guidance about papers available on the academic courses and give advice about lectures & classes. They also appoint College supervisors, and manage College teaching, working in parallel with the pastoral support of the College Tutors to develop the academic progress of their students.

Meetings with your DoS will be arranged at the start & end of each term and they are always prepared to discuss any difficulties students might have with work at other times during the term. They organise practical arrangements about supervisions, and discuss progress reports on your academic work. All reports are submitted electronically and are available online, so students have free access to them.

DoSs can help or give advice on how best to prepare for exams, and work with the College supervisors to arrange 'mock' papers at an appropriate point in the year.