Green Duck Scheme

Emmanuel College is known for being friendly, high achieving, having ducks and, increasingly, for its green initiatives. An ECSU initiative, the Green Duck Scheme is a college-wide effort for increased energy efficiency and recycling.

The ‘Green Ducks’ are a sub-committee of ECSU and meet throughout the term to discuss ways of improving the college’s environmental efforts.

We have tackled issues such as energy and waste disposal, making energy saving maintenance a priority and improving recycling facilities. For example:

  • All College rooms are fitted with energy saving light bulbs.
  • For rooms on the main site a recycling bin for paper, cardboard, glass, tins and plastic bottles is provided in each room (silver) and these will be cleared each week by the bedmaker. In outside properties students use the council collection bins provided and emptied by the City Council
  • All students are entitled to an Emma Green Duck cotton shopping bag to reduce the use of plastic bags.
  • Movement sensors are used in corridors and showers to reduce energy wastage.
  • New North Court and South Court accommodation has been built with energy efficiency in mind
  • Although most buildings in Emmanuel are listed, refurbishment programs all take energy efficiency into consideration.
  • If you notice any faults, such as leaking taps, radiators that can’t be turned off, write it in the maintenance book in the Porters Lodge.

Information and facilities have been provided to help you to reduce consumption and recycle waste. For the Green Duck scheme to succeed we need student support to make Emma greener.

Please email if you would like to get in touch.