Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries

Does the College provide gowns for graduation ceremonies?

No, if you do not already have the necessary gown and hood then these can be hired through Ede & Ravenscroft or Ryder & Amies.

Is there a dress code for guests?

No, there is no formal dress code, but we ask guests to bear in mind that this is a formal occasion.

How long is the ceremony?

Each session in the Senate House is up to 50 minutes long.

Do children and babies need a ticket?

Yes, all guests for the Senate House require a ticket. Please let us know if anyone in your party is under the age of 14. When considering bringing very young guests, please do bear in mind that the ceremony is formal. Babies in pushchairs are usually accommodated near to an exit, should they need to leave during the ceremony.

Is there access to the Senate House for guests with restricted mobility?

Yes, but for General Admission in particular, please do let us know so that you are allocated ground floor tickets.

Are extra Senate House tickets available?

For Ordinary Congregations, the automatic number of tickets allocated to each graduand is 3, or 2 for MA graduands. You may request one additional “waitlist” ticket and this will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. However, please note that the availability of waitlist tickets, particularly for ceremonies in Easter Term, is not guaranteed and is only confirmed in the week of the ceremony, once we know the final ticket numbers. Please do not assume that these will be available. Fire Safety regulations for the Senate House restrict the total number of tickets that the College can allocate.

Can I bring extra guests to lunch?

We are able to accommodate extra lunch guests for most ceremonies. Please contact us if you would like to bring extra guests for lunch and if there are children in your lunch party.

General Admission Queries:

Should I include myself in the Senate House or Lunch ticket numbers?

The automatic number of tickets allocated to each graduand at General Admission is 4. You do not need a ticket for the Senate House and it is therefore not necessary to include yourself in the number of tickets you request for the ceremony. If you are bringing guests to lunch, then we automatically add your lunch ticket, you do not need to include it in the number of lunch tickets you request. If you would like to attend the lunch, but will not be bringing any guests, then do please let us know.

How do I know which Senate House session I will be in?

Emmanuel has two sessions for General Admission. When you collect your tickets, we will confirm whether you are in the 1st or 2nd session. Regardless of which session you are part of, all graduands need to arrive in time for the Rehearsal at 9.15 am.

I am hoping to do a Part III, do I still need to sign up?

A Part III is an extension to your undergraduate studies, taking you into a fourth year. Where a Part III is not automatic, and is dependent upon your results, then you need to sign up for General Admission. If you are hoping to do a Part III then please do let the Tutorial Office know at the same time that you sign up for General Admission. Please note that a Part III should not be confused with an MPhil, which is a new graduate degree.

My Part III place has been confirmed, what shall I do?

Once your Part III place has been confirmed, email the Tutorial Office as soon as possible. We will then withdraw you from the ceremony and cancel your booking for the dinner on Friday evening and for lunch on the day. Any payment already made will be credited to your College account.

Can I request tickets for, or pass spare tickets onto, a friend?

We ask that you only request the tickets you need. There are different tickets for each Senate House session and for each lunch venue, so it is likely that you will be allocated different tickets to your friend. Anyone needing waitlist tickets should apply directly to the Tutorial Office. After the registration closing date, any unused tickets are reallocated to those who have requested waitlist tickets.

I am taking my degree in absence/I have now been accepted for a Part III, can I still attend the dinner?

We see the dinner and ceremony as part of the same celebration and we therefore ask that graduands do not request to attend the dinner only.