Grades & Rents

Each of our College rooms is allocated a grade between 1 & 8, and a different level of rent is attached to each room grade.

Undergraduate Room Rents 2022/23

  • Undergraduates pay rent for 10 weeks in each term, and almost all rooms offered to first year undergraduates are at Grades 1–6.
  • If students want to remain in their rooms outside the term's 10 week period, there are additional charges, and permission needs to be granted from the Bursar.

Weekly room rents for the academic year 2022/23 are:

  • Grade 1: £138.40
  • Grade 2: £149.60
  • Grade 3: £160.70
  • Grade 4: £171.80
  • Grade 5: £182.90
  • Grade 6: £194.10
  • Grade 7: £205.20
  • Grade 8: £216.30

The cost of laundry, cleaning, heating & lighting, basic contents insurance and connection to the computer network is included within all the rent charge. This also includes catering, in contrast to other colleges' fixed charges for catering fixed charge.

  • Room rents at each grade will only be increased in your later years at the College in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI).
  • In the second & third year ballots, the College ensures that students are able to take a room at a lower grade (i.e. no higher than Grade 3), if they need.
  • If the rooms allocated in second & third years are at the same grade as the year before, the price will increase in line with RPI, as with other rooms.

Postgraduate Rents

  • Rent charged on postgraduate rooms is set out on the basis of 8 grades (as above). These charges depend on the distance of your accommodation from the College site.
  • Rooms will be charged & increased during your time living in College accommodation in line with RPI. This is the same as with undergraduate rooms (information above).