New Books

New books are catalogued, classified and processed upon arrival and then shelved on the open shelves. When new titles are ordered for the College Library a interim catalogue record is created in Emmanuel College Library Catalogue which has a note to state that the book is 'On Order'.

Image of A guide to Old English. 8th edition.

A guide to Old English. 8th edition.

Author: Bruce J. Mitchell and Fred C. Robinson

A detailed, but accessible, introduction to the Old English language for beginners. The language section offers a simple yet comprehensive language reference, including sections on orthography and pronunciation, inflexions, word formation and syntax. The guide then provides an anthology of the best Old English literary works, with explanatory notes and detailed glossary.

Image of Building Anglo-Saxon England

Building Anglo-Saxon England

Author: John Blair

This beautifully illustrated book draws on the latest archaeological discoveries to present a radical reappraisal of the Anglo-Saxon built environment and its inhabitants. John Blair, one of the world's leading experts on this transformative era in England's early history, sheds new light on the important functions of buildings and settlements in shaping people's lives during the age of the Venerable Bede and King Alfred.

Image of Nun's priests' tales : Men and salvation in medieval women's monastic life

Nun's priests' tales : Men and salvation in medieval women's monastic life

Author: Fiona J. Griffiths

During the Middle ages female monasteries relied on priests to provide for their spiritual care, chiefly to celebrate Mass in their chapels, but also to hear the confessions of their nuns and give last rites to their sick and dying. These men were essential to the flourishing of female monasticism during the eleventh and twelfth centuries, yet they rarely appear in scholarly accounts of the period.

Image of Pulmonary physiology. 9th edition.

Pulmonary physiology. 9th edition.

Author: Michael G. Levitzky

For more than thirty-five years this trusted review has provided students, residents and fellows with a solid background in the aspects of pulmonary physiology that are essential for an understanding of clinical medicine. The book clearly describes how and why the human respiratory system works in a style that is easy to absorb and integrate with your existing knowledge of other body systems.

Image of The King's glass : A story of Tudor power and secret art

The King's glass : A story of Tudor power and secret art

Author: Carola Hicks.

Its stained glass windows are the crowning glory of King's College Chapel, Cambridge. This book tells the story of their creation - the triumphant culmination of a project completed despite wars, the death of kings and violent religious conflict. Planned by Henry VII and continued by Henry VIII, the windows are dynastic propaganda, simultaneously blatant and subtle.

Image of The Oxford handbook of criminology. 6th edition.

The Oxford handbook of criminology. 6th edition.

Editors: Alison Liebling, Shadd Maruna and Lesley McAra

With contributions from over 60 leading experts in the field, this book is the definitive guide to the discipline, providing an authoritative and outstanding collection of chapters on the key topics studied on criminology courses.