New Books

New books are catalogued, classified and processed upon arrival and then shelved on the open shelves. When new titles are ordered for the College Library a interim catalogue record is created in Emmanuel College Library Catalogue which has a note to state that the book is 'On Order'.

Image of Defence of Socrates, Euthyphro, and Crito (Plato; a new translation by David Gallop)

Defence of Socrates, Euthyphro, and Crito (Plato; a new translation by David Gallop)

Author: Plato

Includes explanatory notes and bibliography) ‘An unexamined life is no life for a human being to live.’ Three new translations of Plato’s dramatization of the trial of Socrates. The Defence covers the Socratic way of life, the Euthyphro the relationship between religion and morality, and the Crito discusses the citizen’s obligation to the state.

Image of Human Molecular Genetics. 5th edition.

Human Molecular Genetics. 5th edition.

Authors: Tom Strachan, Andrew P. Read

Older technologies such as cloning and hybridization have been merged and summarized, coverage of newer DNA sequencing technologies has been expanded, and powerful new gene editing and single-cell genomics technologies have been added. The coverage of GWAS, functional genomics, stem cells, and disease modeling has been expanded. Greater focus is given to inheritance and variation in the context of populations and on the role of epigenetics in gene regulation.

Image of Novel Bodies: disability and sexuality in eighteenth-century British literature

Novel Bodies: disability and sexuality in eighteenth-century British literature

Author: Jason S. Farr

The authors featured in this work (Haywood, Richardson, Sarah Scott, Edgeworth, and Burney) expose emerging ideas of able-bodiedness as interconnected systems that sustain dominant models of courtship, reproduction and degeneracy. Farr demonstrates that disabled and queer characters inhabit strict social orders in unconventional ways, and thus opened up new avenues of expression for readers from the eighteenth century forward.

Image of Philosophical issues in psychiatry IV

Philosophical issues in psychiatry IV

Authors: Kenneth S. Kindler and Josef Parnas

Proposed revisions to the DSM-C and ICD-10 include the personality disorders, bereavement, and the autism spectrum. This book reviews issues within psychiatric nosology from clinical, historical and, particularly, philosophical perspectives, capturing dynamic cross-disciplinary interactions that characterize the best work in the philosophy of psychiatry.

Image of The Promise of Infrastructure

The Promise of Infrastructure

Authors: Nikhil Anand, Akhil Gupta, Hannah Appel

From U.S.-Mexico border walls to Flint’s poisoned pipes, there is a new urgency to the politics of infrastructure. While infrastructures promise modernity and development, their breakdowns and absences revel the underbelly of progress, liberal equality, and economic growth.

Image of The White Goddess

The White Goddess

Author: Robert Graves, a new edition edited by Grevel Lindop

This scholarly work is the result of Graves’ vast research into and interpretation of folklore, mythology, religion and magic. His controversial theories on goddess worship, the roots of true poetry and relations between men and women have sparked debate since the book was first published in 1948.