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Emmanuel instantly felt like home
and I am very sad to have to leave

Grace, 3rd Year

Visiting Fellows

Derek Brewer/Quatercentenary Visiting Fellows

2018/19 Michaelmas Term 2018 Professor Andrew Christie
Lent Term 2019

The Rt Hon Sir Stephen Rothwell O’Brien

Easter Term 2019

Professor Charles Fernyhough

2017/18 Michaelmas Term 2017 Dr Lerna Yanik
Easter Term 2018 Dr Patrick French
2016/17 Michaelmas Term 2016

Professor Anna Clark

Lent Term 2017 Dr Peter Jordan
Easter Term 2017 Mr Jonathan Spencer
2015/16 Michaelmas Term 2015 Dr Michal Czakon
Easter Term 2016

Dr Lewis Francis & Dr Erik Mostert

2014/15 Michaelmas Term 2014 Mr Richard Mabey
Lent Term 2015 Professor Diane Litman
Easter Term 2015 Professor Scott Bruce & Professor Anne Lester
2013/14 Michaelmas Term 2013 Mr Marcus Lenzen
Lent Term 2014 Professor Todd Disotell
Easter Term 2014 Dr John Morrissey
2012/13 Lent Term 2013 Dr Tim Wu
Easter Term 2013 Dr Katherine Halsey
2011/12 Lent Term 2012 Professor Masato Kurihara and Professor Jonathan Wilcox
Easter Term 2012 Professor Bert Jüttler
2010/11 Michaelmas Term 2010 Professor Yossi Ben-Artzi and Dr Matthew Tinsley
Easter Term 2011 Professor Kari Anne Rand
2009/10 Michaelmas Term 2009 Professor Min Chong
Easter Term 2010 Professor Alexander Rehding and Dr David Dryden
2008/09 Michaelmas Term 2008 Professor Mickey Sweeney
Lent Term 2009 Mr David Bailey
Easter Term 2009 Professor Pierre-Louis Curien
2007/08 Michaelmas Term 2007 Professor Richard Apatu and Professor Kato
2006/07 Lent Term 2007 Professor Andre Roy
Easter Term 2007 Professor Philippa Levine and Professor Christine Raines
2005/06 Michaelmas Term 2005 Dr Alex Walsham and Dr Jennifer Light
Easter Term 2006 Dr Laurel Broughton
2004/05 Michaelmas Term 2004 Professor David Cane
Lent Term 2005 Professor Michele Cohen
Easter Term 2005 Dr Lesley Abrams
2003/04 Michaelmas Term 2003 Dr Corinne Saunders
Lent Term 2004 Professor Sheryl Grace
Easter Term 2004 Dr Jean Wickings
2002/03 Michaelmas Term 2002 Professor Andrew and Professor Snaith
Easter Term 2003 Professor Wynn
2001/02 Michaelmas Term 2001 None
Lent Term 2002 Professor Edward Kerschen
Easter Term 2003 Professor Glynnis Cropp and Professor János Kollár
2000/01 Michaelmas Term 2000 Professor E A Keller
Lent Term 2001 Professor J M Powell
Easter Term 2001 Professor M Phillips and Professor T Wright (for 2nd time as he had to cut short Lent Term 2000)
1999/2000 Michaelmas Term 1999 Dr Valerie Edden
Lent Term 2000 Professor T Wright (came for a short time and had to return to Australia – came back again as QVF in Easter Term 2001)
Easter Term 2000 Professor M Churgin
1998/99 Michaelmas Term 1998 None
Lent Term 1999 Professor A Roy
Easter Term 1999 Professor G E Ewing and Professor G P Snaith II
1997/98 Michaelmas Term 1997 Dr Willi Möhring
Lent Term 1998 Mr Nicholas Mark Hill
Easter Term 1998 Professor Stephen Lichtenbaum
1996/97 Michaelmas Term 1996 Dr David Gervais
Lent Term 1997 Professor Magaret Clunies Ross
Easter Term 1997 Professor Joseph Silk
1995/96 Michaelmas Term 1995 Mr Lim Chong Keat
Lent Term 1996 Professor André Crepin
Easter Term 1996 Professor Brian Osborne
1994/95 Michaelmas Term 1994 Dr P N M Hoang
Lent Term 1995 Dr K Graham
Easter Term 1995 Professor K Levy
1993/94 Michaelmas Term 1993 Dr M J Heffernan
Lent Term 1994 Dr E O’Flaherty
Easter Tem 1994 Professor S Ando
1992/93 Michaelmas Term 1992 Professor J Clayton
Lent Term 1993 Dr T Keymer
Easter Term 1993 Dr J Hill
1991/92 Michaelmas Term 1991 Dr Alan R Harvey
Lent Term 1992 Professor Grigory Isaakovich Barenblatt
Easter Term 1992 Dr John Shelby Spong
1990/91 Michaelmas Term 1990 Andrei Piontowski
Lent Term 1991 Milton Gatch Jnr
Easter Term 1991 None
1989/90 Michaelmas Term 1989 Dr Mike Bassett
Lent Term 1990 Dr T McCarthy
1 July – 31 December 1990 Professor A Dobson
1988/89 For the year Mr Christopher Lee

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