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Dr Patrick Barrie

From studying Natural Sciences, to researching spectroscopy, to teaching Chemical Engineering and, throughout, playing tiddlywinks.

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Professor Alex Jeffrey

Alex Jeffrey, a Lecturer in Human Geography, discusses his research into conflict, state-building and the possibilities for justice in a divided world.

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Professor Robert Macfarlane

Robert Macfarlane, Fellow and Part II Director of Studies in English, on his studies, writing, teaching and research.

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Professor John Maclennan

I have been interested in volcanoes for well over 30 years. My research group, in the Department of Earth Sciences, studies magmatic processes.  We want to answer simple questions. How is magma generated? How does it move towards the surface? Where is it stored before volcanic eruptions? What is the relationship between magmatism and environmental change?

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Dr Laura Moretti

Japan, books, prints, popular culture, unusual scripts and cats: these are the great passions of my life.

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Professor Nigel Peake

I came to Emmanuel in 1984 to read Mathematics, and have been here in various guises ever since.

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Professor Catherine Pickstock

I came to study Philosophical Theology via a degree in English Literature, and in particular through a desire to understand better the relationship between literary form and metaphysical content in such texts as the fourteenth century poem, "Pearl", and Milton's "Paradise Lost".

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Professor Jon Simons

Jon Simons explores how the brain helps you keep a grip on reality.

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Professor Mark Thomson

Since high school I have been fascinated by Particle Physics. The fact that humankind has been able to develop a profound understanding of nature at this most fundamental level is a remarkable achievement.

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Tobias Wauer – a report from the COVID-19 testing front line (Dr Tobias Wauer)

It’s 8pm and I’m about to start a 12-hour shift at the national COVID-19 testing centre in Milton Keynes. Truckloads of boxes with transparent plastic bags just arrived and a brief announcement is made: 15,000 patient swabs. For now, the mood among the team is cheerful and enthusiastic, but I know it will have morphed into exhaustion and fatigue by the end of the night.