A 'Fellow' is someone elected under the College Statutes to share in the governance of the College, as a member of our Governing Body. They undertake teaching, research and/or administrative duties. All of our College Officersincluding Tutors & Admissions Tutorsare Fellows. Most of our Director of Studies are also drawn from the Fellowship.

Under the College Statutes there are different categories of Fellow.

  • Official Fellows & Professorial Fellows normally hold a College Lectureship, and teach undergraduates in their subject. They are also active in research. Most hold a University appointment (as a Lecturer or Professor). Some hold a fulltime College Office as a College Teaching Officer, or in a College administrative role.
  • Research Fellows are postdoctoral researchers, elected by the College for a period of three years. They often do some undergraduate teaching, but their primary role is to pursue their own research.
  • Someone who has been a Fellow for 25 years or more can become a Life Fellow. They continue to be members of the Governing Body until the age of 70, and often continue with faculty duties, and teaching & research.

We also use the title 'Fellow' to refer to others who have a close association with the College. They are not members of the Governing Body. They are not responsible for College governance, but contribute to the College in other ways.

  • Emeritus Fellows are those who have been Fellows for 7 years before retiring from the College & the University. They often continue to be active in their research area and many still teach.
  • Honorary Fellows are usuallybut not exclusivelyelected from amongst the College membership, and are chosen for their achievements in public life.
  • ByeFellows are appointed by virtue of a teaching or other significant association with the College.

In addition, we use the title of College Research Associate for postdocs who assist the College in various ways. This is most usually through undergraduate teaching, or through research collaboration with a Fellow of the College.

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