Dr Stergios Antonakoudis

Photo of Dr Stergios Antonakoudis

Ph.D. (Harvard University)

Meggitt Fellow; University Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


Please see my departmental homepage.


My research interests are in the fields of geometry and dynamical systems and I am particularly interested in the geometry of Riemann surfaces, their dynamics and moduli spaces. My PhD thesis focused on the geometry of Teichmüller spaces. Teichmüller theory is a subject with a long history that aims to describe and classify geometric structures on surfaces and higher dimensional spaces/manifolds; it involves - and is at the heart of - a wide range of mathematical topics such as complex analysis and three-dimensional topology. One of the main results in my thesis is that, much like water and oil, Teichmüller spaces and Symmetric spaces 'do not mix'. Therefore, while Symmetric spaces have been extensively studied in the past, Teichmüller spaces provide an entirely new arena of geometric shapes, the intricate structure of which has only recently begun to be understood.