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One of the best things about Emmanuel is the
beautiful grounds, and the College
swimming pool is fantastic

Dave, 3rd Year

Dr John Sleath


Life Fellow

John Sleath retired as Reader in Coastal Engineering in 2005. He was an undergraduate at St Johns College. After graduating, he worked for five years in industry (two and a half years in France) but then became excessively interested in the subject and returned to Cambridge to do a Ph.D. He was elected to a Fellowship at Emmanuel in 1968 and has been a Tutor and (occasionally) Director of Studies in Engineering.

Dr Sleath's principal research interest is the study of the movement of sand by water waves. Since it is not possible to understand how sand moves without knowing about the water motion, this has involved study of the fluid flows as well. Specific topics investigated include: (1) Pressures within the seabed (2) Fluid velocities close to the seabed (3) Turbulence in oscillatory flow (4) The formation of ripples (5) Sediment transport rates (6) Sediment suspension (7) Combined wave+current effects

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