Undergraduates & Access

Emmanuel has an active student community committed to access work. This page highlights their work, as well as giving suggestions for initiatives Undergraduates can get involved in.

Students on a tour of College in the Paddock opposite Old CourtWhat we're up to: Undergraduates

Our Access team are currently planning the Emmanuel College Shadowing Scheme 2021, which we are planning to take place online in the current circumstances. We're also planning events for the year & thinking about how we can work together across the College & student body.

Want to get involved?

There are so many access opportunities to get involved with while you're at University. The experience can be rewarding, enjoyable and can help you find communities of people with similar interests.

Note not all of these opportunities are affiliated with the University of Cambridge or Emmanuel College: many are student organisations, and you're best to check out each site & decide for yourself whether you want to get involved.

Application Deadlines Coming Up

Within the University

InsideUni are always looking to hear from current students - fill in their 'interview experience' form, or get in touch to find out more about getting involved. This project is student-led, in Oxford & Cambridge, and aims to 'demystify' the application process by making student insight accessible, online & free to all. They also work with the University of Cambridge to ensure that the information they put out there is reliable.

The CAMbassadors program is a great way to get involved in access across the University. You are paid for the work you do, and can help out on a number of projects, such as HE+ & the 'Insight Program'. You also receive training, which is useful if you're thinking of getting involved elsewhere too.

External Opportunities

If you are interested in mentoring a student, you can sign up with Project Access, Slipstream Education or Zero Gravity | Unleash your university ambition, who are mentoring platforms that work across a number of Universities across the UK.

Schools Connect Cambridge is a free & voluntary tutoring program operating in Cambridgeshire. They work with local schools to provide support in the classroom & run additional workshops which students can attend. This group is organised by students within the University.

The Access Project provide a blend of tutoring & mentoring to current school students; as a University student you can sign up to help students from across the UK. They partner with 33 schools (at the moment) with students who benefit most from their services.