College Officers

College officers are College Fellows with additional responsibilities.

Photo of the Master


The head of the College chairs the Governing Body. All Full Fellows are, by statute, members of the Governing Body until 30 September in the year in which they reach the age of 70. There are currently 78 members of the Governing Body (11 Full Fellows have reached the age of retirement from the Governing Body).


Deputises for the Master when necessary and on certain specific occasions.

College Council

A committee of twelve Fellows: The Master; The Vice-Master; The Bursar; The Senior Tutor and eight Fellows elected by the Governing Body, to which the Governing Body delegates much of the formal business of the College. College Committees report to the College Council. Student and Staff Members attend and contribute for part of the Council's meetings. The members of the College Council are the charity trustees.

Senior Tutor

The Senior Tutor has overall responsibility for the education and welfare of Emmanuel students.


The Bursar is the senior financial and administrative officer of the College and Executive Officer of the College Council.


Deputy Praelector

Graduate Tutor

Assistant Graduate Tutor

Tutors for Admissions in Science

Responsible for organising and co-ordinating the selection of students who apply for admission to the College in Science subjects.

Tutors for Admissions in Arts

Responsible for organising and co-ordinating the selection of students who apply for admission to the College in Arts subjects.

Financial Tutor


Fellows with particular responsibility for the welfare, well-being and general progress of individual students, year-on-year. Tutors are not specialists in the student’s own subject and will not normally direct studies or supervise the students to whom they are Tutor. Students meet their Tutor at the beginning and the end of each term and at other appropriate times, to talk through general progress; in addition, Tutors are freely available to students throughout their time at the College.

Acting Tutor

Fellow Librarian

Director of Music

Fellows' Steward

Adviser to Women Students

Adviser to BAME Students

Fellow Archivist

Auditors of the College Accounts

Development Director

Editors of the College Magazine

Editor of the College Website

Keeper of Rare Books

Curator of the Museum of College Life