Emmanuel: What you Need to Know

The College publishes information online to explain our academic arrangements and the accommodation and other services that we provide. We also publish more general information about the College and how it is governed.

Many questions that Junior Members have about their course or the practicalities of living in College are answered in the documents linked here. If you cannot find what you are looking for in these documents please contact your Tutor, if you have academic or welfare questions, or the Bursar (bursar@emma.cam.ac.uk), if you have questions about any College services.

College rules and regulations

The College has relatively few rules that Junior Members must observe, but these are set out in the College Regulations. In addition, the College is strongly committed to the principle of freedom of speech and expression and we have codes of practice for meetings and external speakers. The College is also committed to providing a safe environment free from harassment or threat. We provide guidelines for the appropriate use of social media.

Teaching and Welfare

This College website provides some general information about teaching and learning, but more detailed questions will be answered by your Director of Studies. We also provide guidance on what to expect from supervisions, information about the academic support that is available to you, and information about using the College Library. Specific advice is available about fitness to study and adjustments and allowances in the case of disability or other needs. We also provide some information about the arrangements relating to graduation.

Information about welfare includes the sources of pastoral support that are available to you as well as sources of advice on health, disability and financial matters. We provide information about the University Childcare Bursary Scheme. We also provide some advice in the event of harassment or assault along with a procedure to consider complaints about harassment or assault. The College provides advice on the extent to which information relating to welfare matters will be treated as confidential.

Domestic arrangements

Domestic Matters provides detailed information about accommodation and catering- everything from the operation of the rooms ballots, to the times of Formal Hall, the operation of the laundry, and the fact that fairy lights are not permitted. Domestic Matters provides the contact details of those staff responsible for the various services. Further important information in provided in the Health and Safety Handbook. There is an overview of College catering and detail on the procedure for booking Formal Hall. There is also a summary of the room contents insurance which is included within your room rent along with a question and answer document and the insurance policy wording.

General information about the College

The College Statutes explain how the College is governed. A list of the Fellows and further details about them are provided with the current College Officers. The College’s annual accounts are published each year, and the annual calendar of key College events is available along with a note of University term dates.

Please note that many documents providing information about the College can be found on the documents and policies page of the College web site, including our complaints policy, the operation of the College CCTV cameras, and our data protection policy.