Many of Emmanuel’s buildings are decorated with beautiful examples of heraldic devices, displaying the coats of arms of several important personalities connected with the early history of the College, as well as the arms of the College itself – the blue lion rampant.

Apart from being attractive works of art in themselves, these armorials are of great historical interest for the light they shed on the history of the College, the personalities who influenced it, and the benefactors whose generosity enabled it to flourish. Dr Frank Stubbings (1915-2005) a graduate, Fellow and Librarian of Emmanuel College, had a long-standing interest in the College’s heraldry, and compiled many notes and articles on the subject in the course of his fellowship. These writings have now been revised, expanded and fully illustrated in a new guide entitled Heraldry at Emmanuel College Cambridge. The guide includes descriptions of all the coats of arms displayed in, or on, our College buildings, including carvings in stone or wood, memorial plaques and stained glass panels, together with selected items from the College archives.

Image of Heraldry at Emmanuel

Heraldry at Emmanuel