College Events

Cambridge Research Seminars in Political Economy

Thursday 4 JUN 2015

The Theory of Optimum Financial Areas: Retooling the Debate on the Governance of Global Finance

Geoffrey Underhill (University of Amsterdam)

5:15pm – Emmanuel College, Gardner Room

Wednesday 27 MAY 2015

Interest vs. Frugality in Adam Smith's Theory of Capital Formation

Craig Muldrew (University of Cambridge)

5:15pm – Emmanuel College, Gardner Room

Wednesday 28 MAY 2014

A Behavioural Theory of Government Expenditure

Michael Dempster (Centre for Financial Research, University of Cambridge)

5:15pm – Gardner Room

Thursday 22 MAY 2014

Economic Theory and Social Democracy: The Nobel Prize Economists

Avner Offer (All Souls College, Oxford)

5:15pm – Camden House Drawing Room

Tuesday 13 MAY 2014

The Innovation Economy: What It Is/Where It Is

Bill Janeway (University of Cambridge and Warburg Pincus)

5:30pm – Gardner Room

Thursday 6 FEB 2014

The Constitutional vs. the Contractualist Tradition: A Foundational Divide in Political Economy

Adrian Pabst (University of Kent)

College Museum

Thursday 23 JAN 2014

'North-South' Divides in European Integration: Dilemmas of Structural Convergence and External Imbalances

Michael Landesmann (Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies and Johannes Kepler University)

Harrods Room

Thursday 30 MAY 2013

The Political Economy of Internet Regulation

Tim Wu (Columbia Law School)

Gardner Room

Tuesday 21 MAY 2013

Escaping from Silver Fetters: Virtuous and Vicious Interactions between the Real and the Paper Economy

Lilia Costabile (University of Naples “Federico II”)

Upper Hall

Monday 25 FEB 2013

On Natural and Market Prices, Starting from Adam Smith's 'Wealth Of Nations'

John Eatwell (Queens’ College, Cambridge)

Gardner Room

Tuesday 12 FEB 2013

Scarcities, Technologies and Resources: A Structural Approach to Political Economy

Alberto Quadrio Curzio (Catholic University of Milan and National Lincei Academy, Rome)

Harrods Room

Monday 28 JAN 2013

Global Capitalism and the Paradoxical Strengths of Advanced Nations

David Soskice (London School of Economics)

Gardner Room

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