The Ducks

Ducks are very much part of Emmanuel. Although there are some exotic species, they are easily outnumbered by the mallards.

There are two main areas of water: the pond in Chapman's garden (much liked by the more exotic species) and the pond in the Paddock which in the middle ages was the Dominicans' fishpond. Both are fed by Hobson's Conduit.

Swans used to visit regularly, but then the pond in the paddock was rectangular and did not have an island in the middle of it. Now, there is not sufficient length for swans to fly away. Occasionally, herons visit (and eat the ducklings) and, recently, a pair of kingfishers has been seen sighted.

Contrary to rumour, the ducks are never culled. Neither are they eaten by College Members.

All photos courtesy of Jessica McLachlan, matriculated 2007.