Conservation Statement

Emmanuel's 2015 Statement details the history, heritage and conservation of the whole college, showing our Spirit of Place.

It tells us about:

  • our heritage, our history, about all that we have received from our predecessors;
  • what makes Emmanuel what it is today; how our past has influenced our present, how those of us who are here now regard it, and what makes Emmanuel the College we all cherish;
  • and how all of this, our past and present, influence our future. Where Emmanuel is going, what we can achieve, and what we want to do next, to build on our heritage.

Line drawing of Front Court from B staircase

Here’s what we found:

  • Emmanuel is rich architecturally, with 19 listed buildings and a sense of continual development, stemming from a medieval religious site of teaching and learning, and with connections between medieval, sixteenth-, seventeenth-, eighteenth-, nineteenth- and twentieth-century elements.
  • We are a place that people love, where the open spaces matter as much as the building; where Front Court, the Paddock and features such as the Oriental Plane play a key role in influencing the sense of place.
  • We are a meritocracy, stemming from puritan roots whose purpose was to educate Anglican priests for the people. Our students come from schools of all kinds and locations. We are a place of tradition, but not of pomposity, and membership is for life.
  • Together, all the elements of our College – buildings, spaces, traditions and people – create an unmistakable identity, a ‘spirit of place’ that owes its existence to the continuous interweaving of history, people and adaptation to new circumstances.

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