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I like having a student-run bar,
because it keeps it friendly and cheap!

Frances, 2nd Year


Most Fellows are senior members of the College, with teaching, research and/or administrative responsibilities.

'Full' Fellows comprise those Fellows who are members of the Governing Body or those retired from the Governing Body. Admissions Tutors and Tutors, most Directors of Studies, and many Supervisors are drawn from among the Fellows of the College.

95 Fellows listed:

Photo of Dr Anurag Agarwal

Dr Anurag Agarwal BTech (Bombay) PhD (Penn State)

Official Fellow

Auditor of the College Accounts; Director of Studies in Engineering
University Lecturer in Aeroacoustics

Photo of Dr Chloe Alaghband-Zadeh

Dr Chloe Alaghband-Zadeh PhD (Lond), MMus (Lond), B.A.

Research Fellow

Member of the College Council

Photo of Dr Jonathan Aldred

Dr Jonathan Aldred MA, PhD

Official Fellow

Director of Studies in Economics
College Lecturer in Economics

Photo of Dr Stergios Antonakoudis

Dr Stergios Antonakoudis Ph.D. (Harvard University)

Research Fellow

Director of Studies in Mathematics
Meggitt Fellow; University Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Photo of Dr Alexander Archibald

Dr Alexander Archibald BSc (Bristol), PhD (Bristol)

Official Fellow

University Lecturer in Atmospheric Chemistry

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