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There's a real sense of community at Emma,
it's great to live and work with such a diverse
group of people

Emma, 2nd Year

Professor James Pringle

Photo of Professor James Pringle

MA, MMath, PhD

Life Fellow
Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Astronomy

Jim Pringle is Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Astronomy, at the Institute of Astronomy. He gives supervisions in the Mathematical Tripos, and in NST Astrophysics. He is a Distinguished Senior Visitor at the Space Telescope Science Institute, a Visiting Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester and a Visiting Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences in Queen Mary, University of London. Jim's research interests centre mainly on astrophysical fluid dynamics and accretion discs. His interests include: the formation of stars and planets, the accretion of matter onto neutron stars and black holes in binary x-ray sources and in active galactic nuclei and quasars, and the global properties of star formation in spiral galaxies. Details of publications can be found on NASA ADS. Recreational interests include playing baritone with Waterbeach Brass Band.



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