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Rachel, 3rd Year

College Admissions Policy

  • We are happy to talk with prospective candidates, their teachers or parents/guardians either informally or formally when they are trying to decide whether or not to apply to Cambridge/what course to apply for/what college to apply to etc.
  • Once an application has been received we will send emails/letters concerning the formalities of interviews, other aspects of the admissions procedure and decisions on offers to the candidate. Discussion of any other matters pertaining to the application will only be with the school.
  • The College will send feedback on written request, with the permission of the applicant, to schools for all those who have been interviewed at the College, but have failed to secure an offer, either in the first instance from Emmanuel or subsequently from a pool College. For applicants who have left school, at the time of applying, we will provide feedback directly. The College strongly encourages schools to disclose the contents of these letters to candidates, but disclosure is at the schools’ discretion. The College is not under any obligation to send feedback, but recognises its value both to the candidate and to schools.
  • We are unable to engage in any discussion with candidates who have failed to receive an interview or offer, or with their parents/guardians. Any such approach to the College will be directed to the candidate’s school.

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